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Sam Li

Buying a 2nd hand car can be a daunting experience for most. I did a lot of browsing and research, visited quite a number of 2nd hand car dealers. In the end I bought a car from the girls at Champs. They are not hard sell. They'll give you some time to look at all their cars. If you have any questions they'll answer them with patience. The process was straight forward. They facilitated the pre purchase independent car exam of my own choosing (the car passed of course). I waited around 2 weeks for the car to be delivered which I think it's totally acceptable given the current backlog over at TD. The even delivered the car to me so I didn't have to drive from Yuen Long. I know a lot of 2nd hand car dealers offer some sort of after sales warranty. How many of them honour it without fuss or excuses I do not know, but I had a minor problem with the car speakers. The girls at Champs promptly arranged a mechanic to come to my place and replaced the old speakers with new ones without charge. My parking camera was in a position that I didn't like, they replaced it with a new one too. No questions asked. No excuses. They just fixed it for me. I guess that's what one can expect when the owners of the dealership are quite passionate about what they do. They have a quirky collection of cars too. Anything from Toyota ae86, a classic mini to your usual prius and 7 seater alphard. I had lots of newbie questions.. Even now and they will answer it. So yes in conclusion they made my car buying experience an enjoyable one.


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